Web Development and Maintenance Services

Simple Start

    • START

      Scribble your design ideas and preferences


      The MyV CS Team will transform the above into a web ready format

    • ADJUST

      The MyV CS Team will adjust until customer satisfaction is reached

    • LAUNCH

      The MyV CS Team will deploy to the web, arrange customer review, adjust and maintain as required

Web Development

Simple start - Website design preferences may be presented on paper or by email including sketches,images and graphics | Professional Web Design Guidance - to ensure that preferences are fully considered and represented | Website Launch - Once satisfied with the completed website design and development, it may be loaded onto a nominated website host server

Web Site Maintenace

We will continuously monitor and adjust the operations of a launched website.

This includes ensuring that web hyperlinks, embedded forms, blogs, comments sections and other key components are fully functional at all times.

Ongoing adjustments are implemented within 24 hours of receipt of requests from customers. We will communicate promptly when requested adjustments are received, completed or when more information may be required to implement desired changes, updates or improvments

Future Proofing

We will provide ongoing advice on the readiness of the launched website, in terms of accomodating changes to technology and web design and / or accomodating feedback from visitors to the website